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My mother and brother leave tomorrow. 

There are so many anxieties sitting heavy on me tonight. Some baseless, others compelling — all intensely present, and causing a gale of panic in me. I love generously and sincerely, and it has shown me my strengths and it has shown me my weaknesses. Saith my heart; you will persevere. I have healthy amount of reasons to believe that the coming month should be destructive, and a healthy amount of a faith to believe otherwise.  


May I be so forward to ask you all to keep me and mine in your prayers and thoughts, as you and yours will stay in mine. 

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Degas’ photographs of his ballerinas

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(But who am I to rebuke the guilty? The worst part is that I have to forgive them. We must reach such a nothing that we indifferently love or don’t love the criminal who kills us. But I’m not sure of myself: I have to ask, though I don’t know who can answer, if I really have to love the one who slays me and ask who amongst you slays me. And my life stronger than myself, replies that it wants revenge at all costs and replies that I must struggle like someone drowning, even if I die in the end. If that’s the way it is, so be it.)

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Intimacy cannot be expressed discursively. The swelling to the bursting point, the malice that breaks out with clenching teeth and weeps; the sinking feeling that doesn’t know where it comes from or what it’s about; the fear that sings its head off in the dark; the white-eyed pallor, the sweet sadness, the rage and the vomiting … are so many evasions.

— Georges Bataille, Theory of Religion

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A 1970 press ad for a perfume named after Lahore’s historic Shalimar Garden.

A 1970 press ad for a perfume named after Lahore’s historic Shalimar Garden.

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Anonymous: I know you deleted em but I just want to tell you that what you wrote made me feel so much better about spending eid away from my home (: AND I LOVE YOUR BLOG YOU'RE SO AWESOME OMG (glad to get that off my chest too).

Haha, thank you so much. I’m happy that made you feel better, I was honestly just spitting out words, lmao. I hope you have a beautiful Eid, and that you’re surrounded with your loved ones, laughter, and light. Eid Mubarak!

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I had eyeliner on and I just rubbed my eye and now it swished out to a pretty wing

Making beautiful mistakes


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Phyllis Hyman - Be Careful (How You Treat My Love)

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Your criticism sounds to me as if you have read too many critical books and are too smart in an artificial, destructive, and very limited way.

Flannery O’Connor

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